Our Classes: Tech Made Easy

  • Tired of not understanding how a basic website works?
  • Want to build your own website easily for your small business or personal needs?
  • Want to learn to do real coding
  • Want to know how to do basic back end tasks like setup a server, access a database or FTP files?
  • Or simply would like to know what the heck a "back end task" is?

We excel at making technology accessible and easy to understand for everyone! 

Stay Up To Date

Want to know when upcoming classes are being formed?  Or plans for summer camps?  Or just the latest links to good resources for learning?

Who Do We Teach?


Interested in getting your kids coding?

  • We teach classes during the school year in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and SQL. 
  • We also have summer camps based on demand.  Summer is the perfect time to learn - no other school work and we make it fun.
  • Have your kids learn how to build a website and do real coding!


We not only offer a range of classes for kids - but we also teach grown-ups to!  Sometimes we can all use that extra push.

  • Learning how to create a website using WordPress is a perfect skill for small business owners or people who want to acquire some tech expertise.
  • We also teach more advance website building techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.


Need a class for your employees?  We can custom tailor one to meet the needs of your group.  We can teach you how to setup or simply how to maintain a website created in WordPress, Drupal, or more.

Custom Classes

We can also create a custom class just for you and your small group.  Topics covered can include:

  • WordPress: setup a site, create and manage content, design site layout (themes, widgets and menus), and use plugins including Security, Social, ECommerce, SEO, Performance, Event Management, Photo Galleries, Page Builder and more
  • Website Basics:  using HTML to create your structure and using CSS to style the look.
  • Adding Life to Your Website:  learn about JavaScript, jQuery and other interactive scripting tools
  • Real Programming:  learn how to construct and code using real programming languages such as Python and Django
  • And more...app development?  Databases?  Security?  Email Marketing?